From home-made to market, that's the quick & easy story about Sissys.  
From a small home kitchenproducing gourmet biscuits & chocolates for friends & family, Sylvia Kliska launched her venture in 1994, as 'Sissys Bix', & moved to her current factory shop location in Blackburn (Vic.) in 2000.

​The biscuit & chocolate market is littered with large companies who invest more into their packagingthan improving the taste-quality of their products. Sissys does the opposite & gives taste buds a runfor their money.  By all accounts, the strategy is succeeding. 

In recent years, Sissys product has beenon sale in quality store outlets, sold in bulk to 4-5 star hotels, restaurants, caterers, & is often an addition in top-shelf hampers.Sissys factory shop also operates as a retail  shop-front & has a made-to-order service where clientscan select products for their basket, or for ornately-wrapped gifts & hampers, from a wide range ofbiscuits, petit fours & chocolates.Corporate & made-to-order hampers are a specialty. 

​Then in recent years, chocolate-making classes have become a popular event as a gift-giving idea orsomething for thew chocolate lover to indulge in.  Sissys classes range from the beginners 'introductionto chocolate-making', to more advanced & specialised events.  Even hens-nights & childrens partiesare catered for.

So whatever your request, wholesale or retail, let Sissys provide you with delights that offer somethingthat your taste buds will remember.  Give us a call.  Or come in for a small sampling.